P.F. – Victoria


Hi Sarah,

It is with much pleasure that I write this testimonial for you.

I had the privilege and pleasure of working with Sarah in her role as Coach/Mentor under Butterfly Dawn.

Each session we shared took on new energy and covered many values and/or beliefs and we worked through areas in which beliefs were blocking growth.  It was done with love, purpose and energy and each session resulted in a shift for me and old unserving beliefs or blocks were resolved/eliminated.

You really need to work with Sarah to fully comprehend how she is able to dig deep and allow you to find the answers within the answers are always within, however we seem to block them for whatever reason.

I hope everyone who reads this brief testimonial contacts Sarah and works with her you will be empowered by each session!

Thank you Sarah for your generosity, wisdom and love all are greatly appreciated!

Many thanks,