A.L. of QLD


This testimonial is written with so much gratitude.

Sarah is an amazing, wonderful coach, and I thank her for each and every coaching session, they were all unique, fun, and highly beneficial. I’ve gained powerful life skills and a wealth of knowledge.

Before our coaching I was a bit stuck and a bit scattered, and I wasn’t getting the results I would have liked.  I hated asking for help, as I perceived this as a powerless act – letting my guards down and seeking external expertise is a strong act and wow how glad I am!  I’ve developed so much gratitude, happiness, peace and motivation.  I’ve learnt that when I step out of my comfort zone, embrace uncertainty, experience new things, and seek new knowledge I grow.

If I am not growing, or my business is not growing things become stale and stagnant, so it’s mastering how to pace stepping up to the next level. If you keep doing the same thing, then expect to keep getting the same result, if you want bigger better results, make bigger better choices.

The purpose of life is to learn, grow and create. I can apply this to my own development and for my career/business, both extremely important to me. By continually growing as a person and being the best version of myself- I can make a significant contribution with passion and purpose into society.

If I lack clarity and direction I let myself down and the world around me.  Coaching is a life asset. I highly recommend Sarah as a coach if you have a high value of your career/business and want have more personal and professional life achievements. She is simply fantastic.

AL – from QLD