Young Living Essential Oils Independent DistributorButterfly Oilers is a team of amazing women, mostly mums, who are out to support other mums and families to have a new form of well-being.

Well-being takes in what you eat, think and feel.  We are independant distributors with Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.

As we all grow in our journies with Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils we are designing workshops to help other families.  These workshops are for women, mums, children and grandmums that want to release emotions, make their own healthy products and see how they can use 30 of these the Young Living Therapeutic Grade .oils in food and water.


A guarantee of quality
Young Living’s quality Guarantee

Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential oils has the Seed to Seal Guarantee and that as members of the company we can go to any of the farms to participate in the planting, harvesting, distilling and bottling of the products that are being sold.  That is something that is really important.  The company is transparent in many ways.

Gary Young is the founder of the company and his own personal journey is one of the most amazing things that Sarah has heard from anyone.  Sarah has been told many times that when you hear someone speak and you are experiencing goosebumps you know that what you are hearing is the truth.  The time Sarah saw Gary Young in the flesh she experienced those goosebumps for the entire time he was on stage.

That was 14 months after Sarah joined Young Living and it was the best part of the journey to that point.



Garry Young’s committment and passion for health and well-being is so apparent when you hear him speak.  His dedication to Young Living Therapeutic Oils has the consistency of 26 years.  If you have ever had the opportunity to see him speak you will know exactly what Sarah speaks of when sharing snippets of the Symposium on the Gold Coast in 2015.


This year at convention in the United States Gary’s words were empowering and inspiring to many in the room.  Those words have been shared with Sarah to share with you.  The points Garry makes in his statements are the things that set Young Living Essential oils apart from the rest.

Below is what Garry saGarry Youngid:

There is no other Essential oil company out there who has their own farms
Young Living has been running for over 20 years
We have our own Labs and scientists who work with Young Living
No other company welcomes their members to visit their farms any time, and even take part in planting.
When Gary sources new land for his farms, whether our own or farms that he partners with, the soil has to be rigorously tested and completely chemical free for 10 years or more.