C.V. – South Australia

I was referred to Sarah/Butterfly Dawn by a friend of mine and to say I am extremely thankful is an understatement. For the first time in my life I have found something that has truly helped me and my life has been transformed!

Right from the very first session with Sarah I felt at ease and comfortable to express my thoughts and feelings about how my life currently was, and how I wanted it to be. The truth was I no longer felt joy in my life, I felt constantly under stress and anxious. I got angry easily and yelled a lot, after which I would feel extreme guilt. I didn’t want to leave the house. Everything just felt ‘too hard’, like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders. I put up walls to stop me getting close to people, so that (in my mind) I could not get hurt.  I wanted to change my life but I felt powerless to do so. I was in a rut, BIG TIME!

Sarah gave me the tools I needed to get to the root of where my un-resourceful feelings and problems were stemming from. I was able to acknowledge those feelings and resolve them in a safe, caring and un-judgemental environment. Every session I felt more and more empowered that YES I can do this! At the end of each session I set myself personal goals that were achievable and slightly out of my comfort zone. Knowing Sarah was there if I needed to talk through these changes was a lifesaver and with her support I began to see and feel changes taking place.

Even though making changes was hard, the pride, confidence, strength in my abilities and satisfaction I felt when I accomplished what I had set out to do was more than worth it. The door to so many possibilities in my life is now open to me. I am no longer afraid of the unknown or the future. I feel free and excited to explore what is around the corner! I also enjoy time with my husband and kids so much more and my relationships in all parts of my life have improved greatly. I achieved my goals but I gained so much more than I anticipated from these sessions. The lessons have been invaluable.  I got my love of my life and myself back. You really can’t put a value on that.


Adelaide SA



I wanted to provide a review that focuses on how things are for me quite some many months after first starting my coaching with Butterfly Dawn, and how the coaching continues to aid me in my life and dealing with issues now.

When you do the coaching and learn about yourself more and more and the reasons why have those unhelpful and un-resourceful behaviours and thought processes you also at the same time learn why you don’t need to be like that anymore. You are given the opportunity to build yourself up, piece by piece into the person you truly are and who you want to be. Every situation that arises is a new opportunity for learning and growth.

Situations will arise where you have choices. Choices to react the way you would have previously reacted and so continue on a unhappy path with limited growth. Or you can choose to use what you have learnt and turn it around into a fantastic opportunity to change your pattern of behaviour.

For example I was having some issues with negative self image and using exercise as a means to pretty much punish myself. I was out for a run, tripped and badly sprained my ankle, meaning no running for 8 weeks and limited exercise. Previously I probably would have freaked out and beaten myself up about it spiralling into self hate over not being able to exercise. But I knew if I did that I had gained nothing, I knew that now was another opportunity I had to choose to put what I have learned with Sarah into practice. I decided that no amount of exercise was going to make me love my body or myself. It had to come from within first. And that’s what I did, I chose to love myself, because the other path was only going to lead to misery but the path I chose could only lead to happiness love and respect for myself, something I have always struggled to achieve.

I’m continually amazed about how much calmer and intuitive I am about life and the challenges it brings. I know I can handle it! Instead of living in fear I am no longer afraid to live, because I know happiness in in my hands, and I control my life. The coaching is a gift that keeps on giving and it is something that I treasure being able to pass on to my friends and family. It’s a simple choice and I can use these tools for the rest of my life.



Adelaide SA