Clare – United States


Before I began my sessions with Sarah, I was struggling with my stress levels and anxiety. I had received traditional coaching which revolved around goal setting and time management. This helped with surface level issues, but I still felt bursts of anxiety that took charge of my life.

My work with Sarah is something I will always treasure. Her approach of coaching involving visualization and emotional release allowed me to travel back to my younger self and find the source of the anxiety.

Each session I learned more about myself. At times I wanted to resist, but by pushing through I reached a sense of presence that has been life changing. I can breathe easier, love more passionately, and view my future with excitement. I have completed my work with Sarah, but continue to use the tools and exercises we used in session. I am forever grateful for our time together. I truly don’t believe I could have this serenity in my life without the work I did during our coaching sessions.