Fantastic.  I got a log out of Sarah’s sessions.  She was confident and assertive in a positive way and made me feel safe to get the most out of the sessions.  I enjoyed the angel card readings and found doing the home play an important aspect.



I was quiet nervous and not really sure what to expect as I have never done life coaching before but as soon as we started the first session it felt right.  It was still hard but positive.



Yes, definitely.  I really got a lot out of the sessions and am waiting further details from Sarah to continue.  I feel lighter and more confident.



Great communication via phone calls, texts and emails.  Laid out her expectations at the beginning which was great and easy to work with.  Always answered with a few rings when we had organised a session.



At ease is probably not the right wording but yes I felt safe and comfortable to share and be involved in the sessions.  Sarah is great at her job.



Loved it.  Particularly my last session.  It was very powerful.  I look forward to growing was easy to deal with as far as booking in and re organising our last session.  She pushed me when I needed it and supported me with I needed it too.  Thanks for the opportunity.