It is with sushutterstock_79241227ch a priveledge to be able to share testimonials with you.  The gift of trust given when we begin the journey of coaching is so very special.

This journey is unique for everyone that takes it on.

I view the journey as meandering down the garden path.  As you head down the path you will see the plants of the past.  The plants of the past become the plants of the future.  Removing the weeds from the plants of the past frees up the plants of the present and the future.  When the weeds are removed it gives the plants of the present and the future.
As you clear the weeds you will see that there is some fertilising, trimming and watering that needs doing.

Clearing the weeds and tending to the garden allows new growth to come thougth and the strong healthy plants to thrive and grow.


Supporting clients to support their gardens and clear the weeds is the biggest honour that I feel anyone can give to me.  The journey is so personal, vulnerable and genuine.