There are 3 ways you can join our team.

  1. Become a retaHow to join YLil customer and try a few of our amazing oils
  2. Become a  Wholesale member and get 24 – 32% discount of all your purchases
  3. Become an Essential Rewards member and commit to purchasing every month


When you join the Essential Rewards program you are making a committment to purchase every month.  The company has a committment to you and their thank you gifts come every 3 months for the first 12 months.  The entire team has loved getting their free gifts for their loyalty to the company and loving the oils.

At the end of month 3 you receive a Dewdrop diffuser.  We say every room in your home needs a diffuser.

At the end of month 6 you can choose between a Dewdrop diffuser or the Everyday Oil Collection.  This collection is incredible.

At the end of month 9 you can choose any two oils to the retail value of $200.  This is such an amazing opportunity.

At the end of month 12 you are given the opportunity to purchase up to 20 units for a further discount of 20%


Each month Young Living offer you the opportunity to obtain further bonuses.

At 190pv and on Essential Rewards you will recieve two products of the companies choice free

At 250pv and on Essential Rewards you will received the two products from 190pv and a further product

At 300pv and on Essential Rewards you will received the previous products from 190pv and 250pv and a further product


The company is rewarding you every time you turn around.


When you sign up to join our team under any of our independent distributors you will need to choose your first shipment.  As a minimum you have to purchase a starter kit.  Some of the starter kits are the Premium Starter Kits.  We love them.  Then the other option is to purchase 300pv of other oils, join the Essential Rewards Program you will received the Premium Starter Kit for free.  When you do that you not only get all the oils/products to 300pv, you qualify for all the bonuses as well.


What a way to start your oil collection.  Your oils, the monthly bonuses and your Premium Starter Kit for free.


The starter kits that you can choose to purchase to start with are:


PSK - Home Diffuser

Premium Starter Kit with Home Diffuser






PSK - Dewdrop diffuser

 Premium Starter Kit with Dewdrop







PSK - Aria Diffuser
Premium Starter Kit with Aria