I really enjoyed my sessions with Sarah.  I felt that she really made me feel comfortable speaking to her about anything.  The visualisation techniques she used were amazing and I found myself feeling fantastic after speaking to her.

Sarah also provided me with easy “homework” to do between sessions which I found to be a real benefit on a daily basis.

I did find I struggled a bit with being able to concentrate and focus on the call whilst looking after an active toddler.  It’s for this reason I won’t be continuing with the sessions at this stage.

I feel that I have benefitted from the sessions we’ve had and I would recommend Butterfly Dawn to others.


I felt lost and unmotivated before starting the sessions.  Sarah has really helped me find purpose and direction.


I could benefit from more sessions however at the moment I don’t think it’s the best time to the limitations on my time whilst being a full time stay at home mum.  I feel that with the sessions I have had, have steered me down the right path.


Customer service overall was very good.


I felt very comfortable and at ease during my sessions with Sarah.


These sessions were really good.  I feel that the time I spent with Sarah has really helped me.  I have new techniques and resources to utilise and continue on my journey to happiness and fulfilment.