The Butterfly Oilers Team started in December, 2013 when Sarah O’Reilly discovered Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils via a beautiful and loving friend.  It was an immediate connection even before Sarah had seen, smelt and touched the oils.  There was a knowing in her gut that these were the ones for her.  She had been on a mission for several years to find a natural way to support her family.


The Butterfly Oilers Team is spread across many states of Australia and are looking for proactive team members all over Australia.  Please meet the team:


NSW Team Members

Sarah O’Reilly – Sydney – Northern Beaches – Member Number – 1582346

Sarah joined Young Living Therapeutic Grade Oils in December, 2013 with a clear intention to supporting her families well-being and adding them to her life coaching business.  With each of the oils helping to release emotions, support emotions and the fact they were pure and without chemicals it was an easy choice.  She had interactions briefly with another company and yet there was no connection.  With Young Living her connection was instant.  Developing it as a business only came after many amazing intereactions with the oils by her family and coaching clients.

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Carmen Mackle-Pittard – Sydney – St Ives – Member Number – 3224255

Carmen joined Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils in September, 2015, it was a slow and steady developing of a relationship with the oils.  As she built her knowledge over time it became clear to her that these oils were supporting her family and friends with their well-being.  Having made it through a period of 12 months with the best well-being for yourself and her family she is totally sold on the benefits of these oils.  Supporting her children with all the emotional support that they often see themselves requiring is the added benefit to her peaceful household.

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Leigh Jarvis – Central Coast – Blue Bay – Member Number – 1873383

Leigh joined Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils in December, 2014.  Leigh said she joined “because I believe that essential oils support my well-being. I have always ensured I use only natural, chemical free personal care products.  Aside from the oils I have found the shampoo, conditioner, body wash and skin care to leave my skin feeling happy and my hair bouncy.  I love the body wash called Morning Start.  A great way to start the day and feel revitalised.

I spoke with Sarah about the essential oils for approximately 10 months before I decided to give them a try.  I am so glad I did and my current favourite diffusing oil is nutmeg.  One of the products I love the most is the Thieves Spray.  I travel a lot and take this handy compact product with me to help cleanse and support my environment.  It is fantastic as a room spray whilst being on a cruise ship.  I find with all the travel I do, I still continue to feel well.”

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Vanessa Buhagiar – Sydney – Kellyville – 3952438

Vanessa joined Young Living Therapeutic Grad Oil in May, 2016. Vanessa has been guided by her curiosity, support from the Butterfly Oilers and experience using essential oils. Vanessa’s focus is on emotional health and well-being.  Vanessa identified that there are essential oils that can help shift historical and current emotional blocks.  Shifting these emotions helps move you into a better place emotionally.  Vanessa uses her trusted reference books to support the growth of her knowledge surrounding the emotional releasing while using essential oils. These books offer a method to reflect on how you are feeling emotionally.  They help target the exact emotion you need help with and where to apply the oil on the body. Vanessa uses essential oils on her children regularly to help with relaxation and alleviating the emotional hurts they encounter through everyday life experiences and growing up.

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Lucinda Waters – Newcastle – Maitland – 3031493

Lucinda is a Registered Nurse in the Hunter Valley who has always been open towards alternate therapies.

She came to Sarah’s place after a LONG day of conferencing feeling unbalanced in her body, and said to Sarah, “show me how these oils of yours can help me !”……..and she did, Thieves infused in her room overnight and RC inhaled directly & applied to her chest area- by morning Lucinda was feeling the balance and centredness return to her body.

Lucinda was impressed and joined Young Living without a hesitation the following week in July, 2015.

Lucinda’s family, all tough male types have been surprised with how these oils can benefit & support their well-being (& also centre their emotions).

Lucinda can see incredible changes in their emotional well-being and balance.

Her ‘boys’, husband 49, and sons 24 & 18 will now regularly ask “what oil should I use for…….? And they also recommend their use to friends.

Lucinda is happily sharing all that she has learnt & is still learning about Young Living oils with her family, friends & her work colleagues, who have been known to say ” I know she is here……I can smell her !”

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Laura Harwood – Sydney – Northern Beaches – 1581324

Laura joined Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil in October, 2015.  Laura was already exploring herbs to discover how she could support her body naturally.  She was finding that the herb option was expensive and hard work.  Through conversations with Sarah, Laura discovered that NingXia Red could provide all the antioxidants that she was looking for.  From there Laura discovered the oils and the well-being benefits that they provided for her and her emotions.  Laura finds the oils a convenient way of supporting herself, children and her environment.  Laura continue’s to use the oils now on a daily basis and often places them in epsom salts and enjoys a relaxing bath.

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VIC Team Members

Samantha Elbing – Country Victoria – 3433303

Samantha joined Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils in December, 2015.  Samantha was pregnant and the time and was looking for a wholestic approact to her life and delivery of the new baby.  Samantha had heard that you could not use essential oils while you were pregnant.  Samantha started researching more and more and realised that she was wrong in that thought.  Not only did the oils help her in the last trimester of her pregnancy it had her feel that she had the most amazing labour while diffusing calming and supporting oils in the labour ward.  It welcomed her baby into the world and has been using them daily ever since.

Samantha said she was hooked ever since.  It is now a part of her and her families life daily.  From the moment they wake up to the moment they go to sleep.  Samantha’s friends call her the crazy oily lady.

Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential oils have changed  the way I look at any situation she comes across in her life with her family.  What Samantha loves most is the feeling of knowing I can help my family’s well-being right from my own home and know what I am diffusing and topically applying on my children is 100% natural.

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Anita Kilkenny – Melbourne – Mordialloc – 2031039

Anita Kilkenny joined Young Living therapeutic Grade Essential Oils in August 2014. She had been very interested in the holistic side of health for quite a long time and was looking for alternative ways to support herself and her family’s wellbeing naturally and chemical free. As a mother of two boys, this was very important to her. Now her house is chemical free and only uses Thieves for cleaning and every Winter her family enjoys taking Ningxia Red to provide energy and wellness support through its antioxidant properties. She also uses the oils for perfume everyday as well as in coconut oil for her moisturiser. When she needs emotional support or a boost whilst working (as The Holistic Virtual Assistant), she diffuses her favourite oils; Abundance, Orange or Stress Away. Anita has never looked backed since discovering these oils and loves sharing her experiences with friends and family.

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QLD Team Members

Anne Scholls – Mutdapilly – Rural QLD 

After coming through a challenging divorce I was looking for a home business that would help me support my two teens still living at home, while I was improving my financial situation and help me build back my self-confidence and sense of who I am.

I have been a part of various home based businesses before but have never felt they were totally right for me. So I was excited when a short conversation with my up line, Sarah convinced me of how much these oils would not only make a difference in my life but in the lives of my team. I am excited for the opportunity to build a team of amazing people who are also looking to build their amazing life through Young Living.

I am excited to be a part of the Young Living team as I have always been interested in holistic living choices. And I’m particularly proud of the company’s seed to seal guarantee as it gives us the confidence to promote the best products available.

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