Butterfly Dawn was born out of Sarah O’Reilly’s experience as a mother who had post natal depression.
The transition from full time career women to mother was one that she was not ready for and had little to no understanding of.  There were all those tales out there of what an amazing journey it is, how wonderful the baby will be and how simple it is to be at home and looking after the baby.
Reality at times is not that.  When there is no one to actually tell you that you are a brilliant mother, even though the baby is not doing what it’s meant to be doing.
You know the picture that was painted for you leading up to the birth of the most amazing person of your life.  The picture of the angelic bundle that sleeps, eats and smiles at you.  When that is not what happens (most of the time it does not work that way) the self-doubt creeps in, then your self confidence deteriorates, self worth disappears and you beat yourself up because your baby is not doing what it is supposed to be doing.
No one ever told you that there are medical issues that can pop up, and that trusting yourself and your gut instinct is really what your baby needs.
Sarah went through this with both of our daughters.  Now that she looks back and has realised that with actual support and someone believing in her wholeheartedly things would have been different.  Removing the self-talk and replacing it with positive words could have made all the difference.
Sarah is aware that her post natal depression would have still come, and it would have been something to work with, however, the effects would not have been as dramatic or as life threatening to her.
Having come through that experience, Sarah is now looking to support other mothers that are finding things are not quite the way they want them to be.  Giving mothers the opportunity to imagine and discover who they really are and what they really want out of their lives, for themselves, and their family.
Believing in themselves and also having someone else believe in them.  Sarah’s passion is to build a community within Butterfly Dawn of nurture and understanding that will support mother’s to be exactly who they know themselves to be IMPORTANT and INTEGRAL.