What a wonderful thing to come to mind the saying

“Count your BLESSINGS, Not your PROBLEMS.”

What does that mean to you?  How easy do you find it to count your blessings when you are in the middle of a problem, crisis and situation that you don’t have control over?

For me, and I am assuming for most people, it is a challenge.  Why is it a challenge?  Well because we have so much going on inside us emotionally when things are not going the way we want them to, the way they are meant to and the way we said that they need to.

There is a pattern that runs for you.  This pattern was set up a very long time ago.  Sometime between the ages of 2 and 7.  This is an automatic reaction, something that happens, so automatic that you literally react before you can stop yourself.  This pattern saved you once a very long time ago, when you were small and there was no other way for you to react.  For some it still works and for others it stopped working a long time ago and is now causing a lot of pain and upset.  This pain and upset can be caused in you or your reaction can cause pain and upset in others.

I find myself in this situation now which is perfect as it gives me a place to share from.  I am in a situation where I had some control over this particular situation some time ago.  I did not hear or listen to my intuition which may or may not have had things turn out differently.  Hind sight is a wonderful thing.

I have been counting all the things that are problems because of the circumstance I am currently in.  The action of counting all the problems is actually not getting me anywhere except more upset, angry, hurt and frustrated.  It has that movie, you know the one, and it plays over and over looking at how things could have been different.  If I had of done this, if I had of done that.  Does this help me get back in control of what is going on or simply have more of the negative and unresourceful emotions go on in my head and body?

Well of course it has the negative and unresourceful things going on in my head and body.  This generates more upset and confusion and then the little voice of unresourcefulness kicks in and away it goes.  There is that slide down into the darkness of upset and despair.  There are times when this process happens so very quickly that you don’t even see it happening.  You simply feel the unresourcefulness and the way you are feeling.

When I then decide to look at all the things that I have learnt from this experience and count them as blessings I get the opportunity to be grateful for the situation that has arisen.  That generates acceptance, forgiveness of myself, and forgiveness of others if there were others involved, it creates peace which in turn helps my wellbeing.  It then has me very clear on what are the great things that go on in my life.  The wonderful family that I have, the great friends that are around cheering me on, the belief that everything happens for a reason.  This provides me with a space of wellbeing both mentally and physically.  This shows me the way to find the most resourceful ways to sort out what to do next.

Counting my blessings for me is counting the things that I am grateful for.  There are so many things to be grateful for in our lives.  If you start with the blessing that you are, the blessings that you provide for others when they are touched by you during your day, in your week and in your life.  Blessings are the little voice of the cheerleader, you know, the resourceful side of life that builds you up and has you feel like you are floating within the clouds.  Having that internal cheerleader inside your mind will have you up when you are feeling down.

The blessings that you count are the times when you did something, got involved in something and it went well, when you made a difference in your life, in your family’s life and in the lives around you.  When you look around you can see the blessings that you can count.

If when you are in those times of challenge you can stop and breath for a minute, cry if that is what is going to be of use for you (it is a great way to clear emotions), and then look into the situation, see the good in it.  Find the silver lining so you can move forward one step at a time.  As the time goes by or the movement forward becomes two steps and then three all in the forward motion.  Eventually you are not counting steps and you are moving forward away from the challenge and the problem and it becomes a part of your past.

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