There are 3 ways you can join our team.

  1. Activate a Retail Customer Account and you can purchase our amazing products.
    By activating a retail account it provides you with the opportunity to purchase products at retail prices.
  2. Activate your own wholesale account and get 24-32% discount of the price of all products.
    Activating a wholesales account provides you with opportunity of using products that Young Living has to offer. With a discount of your products it is affordable.
  3. Activate your Essential Rewards Account and become a committed member of Young Living. There are many bonuses for choosing this option. One such bonus is hat you get paid for shopping with Young Living. Have a look here to discover how much you will receive back. The benefits and bonuses are:
  • Discounted delivery
  • Exclusive Bonuses
  • Exclusive Rewards Points
  • Exclusive Gifts

3rd Month gift – 5 ml Essential Oil
6th Month gift – 5 ml Essential Oil
9th Month gift – 5 ml Essential Oil
12th Month gift – Exclusive loyalty blend
Essential Rewards Anniversary (24th months and then annually): Exclusive Blend created annually

To learn more about how easy Essential Rewards are click here

Getting Started

  1. Enrol as a Young Living Member: Enroll as a Young Living Distributor by signing up online and enrolling into the Essential Rewards Program when placing your first order. If you are an existing Young Living Member, you can sign up to the Essential Rewards Program through your Virtual Office or by downloading the Essential Rewards Order form.
  2. Choose your favourite Young Living products or Essential Rewards pack(s) worth at least 50PV (to qualify for the Essential Rewards, rewards gifts you must order a minimum of 100PV)
  3. Click here – which will bring up a page where you can either join directly under Sarah O’Reilly or choose one of the Butterfly Oilers team.

Choose one of the available Premium Starter Kits or order 300pv of other products to activate your account. Click here to here the Young Living Guide to Starter Kits

If you have oils that you are looking to purchase outside the Premium Starter Kit please speak to either Sarah O’Reilly or one of the Butterfly Oilers team members to discuss how you can get the Premium Starter kit for free and the bonus oils at 190PV, 250PV and 300 or 320PV depending on the free bonuses.