Butterfly Oilers is a group of individuals who want to make a difference to their families and friends. This group love Young Living Essential oils. Butterfly Oilers welcomes each new member into our family, as we grow we become stronger and more knowledgeable. Each Butterfly Oiler has much to share about their journey and their experiences with these products.  They are looking forward to helping you support your family and friends to stay above the wellness line too.

What we love to do is learn and share while bringing chemical free options to our communities. This amazing family are committed to only the best when only the best will do.  Young Living have the same commitment for the planet and that is why we choose Young Living products to support our families and friends.

How do we keep above the wellness line with Young Living?

These are the simple actions we can share with you our new Butterfly Oiler.

Remove chemicals from your home, free your body from hormone disruptors that are difficult to release. Over time the toxic build-up is what can bring you below the wellness line.

Release negative emotions that are stuck in your body.  Support yourself to move above the wellness line and stay there.

We remove toxic chemicals from our home

  • Chemical free cleaning
  • Chemical free personal care
  • Washing our fruit and veg
  • Cooking with Young Living oils

We remove stuck emotions from our body

  • Listen to our emotions
  • Apply Young Living oils topically
  • Diffuse Young Living oils
  • Have BioScan’s to talk to our bodies

We also make our own products


  • Toilet bombs that refresh your loo
  • Dishwasher tablets
  • Bath Bombs

We take good quality supplements


  • We drink NingXia Red
  • We utilize Young Living supplements

It is really simple to join our Butterfly Oilers family. If you know a team member ask them about the benefits to becoming a team member. If you found us via googling then call Sarah.

Butterfly Oilers is an extensive team covering many areas and interests. The team is filled with loving, generous and kind members who are here to support others.