Butterfly Dawn works with women to help them work in their emotional garden. I find that over time there are certain belief patterns that worked while we are young and those beliefs are like plants in your garden. As we stand at the front gate looking in on the garden you can see all the beliefs there waiting to be reviewed and processed.
There are small scrubs, medium plants and then large trees. You can see plants with flower, these are resourceful beliefs that support you to believe in yourself. You can see spiky plant, these are unresourceful beliefs that are holding you back from what is your greatest potential and the life you are meant to be living here.
The large trees are providing you shade which is where you can go to recharge your batteries, replenish your soul and see

yourself for how you truly are. You can also see some fruit trees which provide you with the feelings of self worth,  self love, self confidence and the knowing of who you truly are.
The biggest thing to note is those resourceful plants can turn to unresourceful plants that need to be replaced as we go through life.
Butterfly Dawn’s Coaching programs help you to meander through this garden to choose which unresourceful plants you no longer need. Supports you to dig them out and replace those plants with those beautiful loving and nurturing plants. As you meander through your own garden you can choose which plants to work with, dig out and then replace. The benefit of working with Butterfly Dawn and Sarah is that you will be supported and acknowledged as you dig out the old plants and replace them with the new nurturing plants. When you remove a plant it needs to be replaces with something that is going to support you and nurture you. Leaving that space empty will allow weeds in or another unresourceful plant to grow. Filling it with resourceful plants supports the garden to flourish and then continue to grow.
With a flourishing garden you can be certain that you can be who you are meant to be, live the life you are meant to live and be accepting of yourself exactly as you are and exactly as you are not