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Hello and welcome to Butterfly Dawn,Hello and welcome to Butterfly Dawn,
When did it become a competition or one up man ship between women?  Don’t we have enough to worry about as it is?  Is it that we are doing the one up man ship between ourselves you know those voices there are two of them.
Voice 1 The me that I believe in and I know that I am doing all that I can do

Voice 2 The me that tells me I am not up to speed and if I want to be I need to get more done
Mmm that is a thought isn’t it????
Do you have those days where you feel that you need to prove yourself to yourself or feel that you need to prove yourself to others?
Do you put on your status update on Facebook all that you have been up to??  I do and I stopped the other day to analyse why.  What I discovered was I was out to prove to myself I have not been sitting around doing nothing and I realised waiting for some recognition of all that I have done in the first half of my day.  I sometimes do this with other things.  Why do we do it do you think?  Do you think you are looking for recognition of what you are doing around the house?  You know that 24 hour 7 days a week job where there is no pay cheque?  Well actually it is because as a human being we need recognition to feel loved and appreciated.
Getting that feeling of appreciation is getting harder and harder so we load ourselves up with more and more to do.  Does this give us the appreciation and acknowledgement we are needing?  No it does not on a long term basis.  It might give you that 30 second feeling of being good and worthy but is goes as quickly as it comes.  The only acknowledgement that will fill the gap, of acknowledgment that we crave, is to acknowledge ourselves and see ourselves as perfect.  Once we see ourselves as perfect we do not need to prove to ourselves and certainly we don’t need to prove ourselves to anyone else.
Previous generations of women did not work full time as their kids were growing up.  These days it seems that it is essential for both parents to work.  It is expected that if we are to move forward in life and collect more stuff, bigger house, travel the world, provide private education for kids and give them what they seem to think is important based then we need to push forward and give up our own time and space.  When we run at this rate it is stressful and high pressured not only for us but our entire family.
When I was at a seminar recently I listened with interested to a lot of the information about our neurological pathways and requirements.  One thing that has really stood out and was new to me was the breakdown of the use of our time.

Section one is what I call the “Fast Paced” area.  It is where you pour yourself into all the actions that you need to do for the day.  You squeeze pretty much as much as you can into your day so you feel good about yourself (it doesn’t always come).  What you end up feeling is exhausted and cranky and crabby with your family.  Then there is more fodder to beat yourself up with.  Sounds like a wonderful cycle to be in.
In the past I have spent most of my time in section one believing that my selfworth will come out of here.  It does not.  I have believed that I needed to be fast paced to get done all the things I feel that I have to get done or should get done.  Should is that negative voice that has you wrong with all the things that you should have done but didn’t.
Section two is what I call the “Selfworth” section.  This is where you would be giving yourself the time to recharge which would be by doing absolutely nothing.  By doing that you are valuing your worth and realise that with a little time to recharge you can keep going.  If you have not spent much time if any in this space in the past I would believe you are drained and lacking the want to get up and get going.  Everything feels like it is hard work.  This is very harmful mentally and physically.  We all need to have some time for us to recharge without it our bodies get sick and we end up with dis-ease.  It does not count when we are asleep.  You may find that you run for a long while in section one and then you end up having to be in section two.  Either the universe provides you with the accident (Like me falling down the stairs.  I have done that twice now) or you literally cannot move your body.  I had one of those days in the last few weeks and without it I would have totally cracked.
When you get to this point stop, literally stop and look at the wind at the sky where there is nothing to think about or do.  During the day if you do this a few times you give your brain the permission to recharge and regenerate.  If you are at the end of the week, month or year and you literally cannot move then lay in bed and doze on and off, listen to some music or become attached to the couch.  You can do some meditation as well which will help your brain recharge as there is nothing for your brain to do.  Go and soak in a bath with Epsom salts, essential oils, music and a glass of something that you will enjoy drinking.  The idea is to literally stop and let your body heal.
Section threes is what I call the “get going” section.  This for me is when I wake in the morning and have a shower.  There are times when I am lucky enough to have that shower without any interruptions when I don’t have to think.  On those occasions I have some amazing moments of thoughts popping up and answers to questions that seem to have been missing or evading me for some time.  This is the time when thoughts come to me about what I can write and how I can share with you my insights and learnings.  Your get going section will be different.  Is it when you get to lay in bed for an additional 10 mins and not really have to think?  Is it when you get your cup of tea and sit quietly outside before the family gets up?  Is it when you go for a walk by yourself and day dream on that walk?
Within the Butterfly Dawn community I encourage you to spend time equally in all sections.  I will teach you how to do this as I have now taught myself to be more loving to myself and having the Self Worth that is necessary to nurture you which in turn allows you to nurture others.
If you are interested in rediscovering the true you and look at why you operate from you would be interested in some coaching or if you want to the New You Transformational Program this will give you the tools to discover all things you and much more.
If you are ready to find your Selfworth and allow yourself the opportunity to be in section two more often or for the first time then contact me on the below details.
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